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Rumbam Computers & Communications End-To-End ICT Solutions

Rumbam Computers & Communications (RCC) main objective and focus is provision of cost-effective and suitable End-to-End Computers and Communications systems and solutions for small to large organisations in both the public and private sector.

Rumbam Computers & Communications (RCC) is a hundred percent (100%) Papua New Guinea (PNG) nationally owned company. The company's End-To-End Systems and Solutions include:
  • Planning and Implementation of Computers and Communications Infrastructure that enable fast and secure exchange of telephones and video conversation as well as critical business and government information. This also includes setup of Two-Way Radio Tower, TV and Satellite Dish for communication and dissemination of public information in both urban and rural areas.
  • Planning and Implementation of Government Accounting System that help government agencies adhere to regulations and controls, manage grants and budgets proactively, and streamline accounting processes.
  • Planning and Implementation of other business solutions that help businesses and government agencies manage their resources efficiently. For example Vehicle Fleet Management System to track and report usage of vehicles as well as schedule planned maintenance services.
  • Planning and implementation of appropriate systems and policies for the management of these systems such as data storage and backup systems, security and appropriate access to confidential data as well as auditing and logging of usage of these services.
  • Support and Training services to ensure optimum availability and improvement of skill level and technical knowledge of employees to use these systems.
  • Supply and Support of Computers and Communications Systems in compliance with supplier and manufacture warranty and terms of conditions.
Implementations of these End-To-End Systems strictly follow world standards and best practices in accordance and in compliance with Papua New Guinea regulators such as PANGTEL and ISO Quality and Implementation Standards.